Required time (abt.): 5 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Assembly instructions: Dokuwiki


This PCB is the perfect solution for all designs with ethernet and microcontroller. IoT-ready, 100% arduino compatible!

There is a big advantage of the W5500 to every standard-solution: The TCP/IP-stack is implemented completely in hardware. So you need nearly no programming on you main-proceossor. Do you still do TCP/IP in software and waste a lot of RAM or are you ready for the W5500?

You can talk via SPI with the chip. How this works is shown in our Dokuwiki.

The pre-programmed AtXmega8E5 initialize the W5500 with a unique MAC and a IP (choosable via solderjumper). So your programming effort is reduced even more!

You can find a lot of demo-code on our Github page.

The USART-connector is FTDI-standard.

All parts are already mounted.

The PCB needs 5V or 3.3V and can be used with any kind of target-pcb based on 5V or 3.3V. For example all ARM-boards, Arduino, ...

The 10-pin SPI-header is compatible with the Roboternetz-standard and can be used directly with the aTeVaL-Board.

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[SALE] Ethernet-Shield WIZnet W5500

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