• AVR-ISP-Stick

You can build a programming-adapter for AVR-controller from Atmel with this kit.
All parts are in SMD (0805, SOIC-20, SMD-Crystal), the connectors are THT for better mechanical stability.
AVRdude compatible.

USB-driver for Windows available, Lin & Mac out of the box.
High-Speed programming up to 400kHz (1kB/s write, 2kB/s read)
Two LEDs for status: one for "OK" and one for "programming".

Compatible to all AVR-controller with less than 64kB flash.

The power supply is supported via USB, you can choose via jumper, if you want to supply the target with 5V or not.

The kit includes:

  • 1 PCB
  • 2 LEDs 0805
  • 8 Resistors 0805
  • 3 Capacitors 0805
  • 2 pin-header (gewinkelt)
  • 1 USB-A-connector
  • 2 Zener-Diodes SOD-323
  • 1 Crystal 12MHz
  • 1 Attiny2313 (pre-programmed)
  • 1 heat shrink tube

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  • Brand: eHaJo
  • Product Code: 200.008
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